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Dear visitor, I am really glad you have found a way to my homepage! I really welcome anyone who consider dogs as their friends (or even family), cynology enthusiasts, and all other beings (and even some cats at that!) who like dogs as such.

Well, maybe I should introduce myself first, briefly.....…… I was born as a very first puppy in the Arhat Gonpo dog breeding station in Czech Republic on January 13th, 2009. Being the first puppy it was a really very good reason for naming me “Ang-Ki Chi“, meaning “The First” in Tibetan. My thanks for such a nice name go to my breeder (I like her, and not only for that). Later on, my owners - my great new family - named me simply “Alf”, so please, just call me Alf !

I should also mention my parents - my father is Popay de Yuwenchi, a very strong and mighty dog born in Venezuela, having a very nice black to burning coloured fur; I inherited from him a very strong, powerful skeleton. And it is good to have it, definitely! My mother Dscho-Ka-Ta-Ya Altan Corgo gave me a nice golden cast, full and long fur, and people say I even have her eyes! Thanks to my parents my blood is a really interesting mixture of Taiwanese-Euro-American origin.

I hope I am not too bold if I dare to say that my parents and my predecessors in my pedigree were very nice dogs really worth mentioning. I'd like to highlight my grandfather, a big golden dog - Charon The Guard of Tibet, a proud champion of many events. Or my grandmother Agatha (Arama Velka Radna), the Czech Veteran Champion being still vital and healthy even in her age of 13, winning during the autumn Club Exhibition in 2007 the BOB title. What a lady! Also my grand-grand-parents - my grand-grand-father Rosik (Rosen Ni a Soechavati) and grand-grand-mother Balinka (Bali Alatna CS) helped the Czech breeding of Tibetan Mastiff to become so successful.

I really try hard to behave good and represent the family as an exemplary ancestor of such an important dog family and race. But as you probably know - it is not easy sometimes. For instance the exhibitions - these are not always that interesting to me.... there are other joys of life. There are even days when I just refuse to sit and wait long hours just to walk in a circle, and show myself to others. And all expect that I will show good manners during the exhibitions!! I'd like to, but it is a way over my head in cases. Nevertheless, there are times when I am in a mood to cooperate and that's probably why I became (in the age of 15 months) Czech Junior Champion and a Club Champion KCHMPP. Not bad for a young chap, what you think?

I love people, I love animals, I like to receive love and I am giving back the same way. On every occasion I am showing my love to my friends and namely the family around me. I am happy and so enjoy the life, I hope my family and my breeder appreciate the way I try make them happy ;-) Please have a look around and take your time to browse through my photo archive here. You can clearly see myself on the pictures and you may also wish to check what I have achieved so far. My family updates the web regularly, I will be here with you, and you may stay here with me. And if you wish - just leave me a message!


PS: Thanks for visiting me!




Alf's data

  • Tibetan Mastiffs Kennel
  • Born: Jan 13th, 2008
  • Name: Ang-Ki Chi Alf Arhat Gonpo